Trattamento Lipolaser


lipolaser liposuction to lose weight vercelli

The first beauty center specialized in Lipolaser treatments in Vercelli.

There are many aesthetic treatments that aim to reshape the body and which can be more or less invasive, for anyone suffering from an excessive fear of the scalpel we can offer the Lipolaser which has the final effect of being able to guarantee the elimination of fat.

Through new technologies, Lipolaser has been developed which allows assisted liposuction so as not to be particularly difficult for the body to tolerate.

Losing weight has never been so pleasant!

LipoLaser is a low power laser which acts at a wavelength of 760 nanometers without emitting heat and creating transient pores in each fat cell.

The pore does not damage the cell but allows the fat to escape.

During the treatment, millions of fat cells will be stimulated, the size of which will be reduced exponentially.