Ammonia-free hair colouring

Ammonia-free hair colouring, If you clicked within this article is because by now you are hearing all kinds of things aboutthe products used for the hair colouring.

Ammonia-free hair colouring

Ammonia-free hair colouring

Your questions are always the same:

Qhat brands of colours should be used? such as are they good for you? such as do they hurt? Qwhich dyes do not damage the hair? Ecc.

Now, sunder the spotlight are the colours ammonia-basedin this regard is the time to shed light on the why its use should be avoided.

Dyeing your hair often and badly is a habit to forget!

First of all we must dwellci to deepen a rather sensitive subject, namely the new tendency of women by dye your hair often.

The question is not how often they dye their hairbut how to do it.

Unfortunately, the habit of colouring hair frequently using ammonia-based dyes could damage the hair as well as compromisingand health of the skin.

Obviously one must not be alarmed but it is good to make conscious use of colours and above all one must choosesre products of alta quality.

Another suggestion is to avoid DIY.

For more effective dyeing and above all to ensure that you choose the best for your hair, it is good to treat yourself to a small gift being pampered within a specialised hairdressing centre.

Ammonia-free hair colouring in vercelli

Ammonia-free hair colouring: Ammonia weakens your hair, you don't want to pretend

In addition, you should know that ammonia-based colouring weakens the roots of your hair compromising regular elongation.

This for you could be a threat to the health of your hair.

I would avoid hurting myself.

 Why colouring hair ammonia-free?

Preferring a natural product is always a winning alternative. Questor attitude should not be an alternative but the solution.

A natural treatment acts on the hair, giving it shine without damaging it or stressarnand structure.

The Clump Fashion&Beauty in Vercelli does not use ammonia-based dyes

We wanted to explore this topic because we at The Clump Fashion&Beauty of Vercelli we are particularly attentive to these issues.

We believe that the basis of good work is the ethics of doing it in a way that respects the environment. That is why we would be pleased to invite you to the our centre in Vercelli.

Thanks to the choice of quality products and to a highly qualified personnel you can have the confidence to colour your hair without the danger of aggretell them.

Thanks to our colouring technique we will make your hair soft and shiny.

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