Bamboo massage

According to the ancient Chinese, the bamboo canes were able to circulate energy within them and could therefore be used to absorb excess energy and restore the energy balance of an individual's body. Today, bamboo canes are also used in the West for massages to release tension from both muscles and mind.
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Properties of bamboo
In the East, bamboo is a symbol of eternal youthas well as health, luck and success. It is also considered an antidote to stress and an elixir of beauty. Bamboo is a plant rich in siliconan element that strengthens the deep tissue of the skin, hence its use in the cosmetic field.

The Bamboo Massage is an hour-long sculpting and lifting work on the body and face. It is a vigorous massage, with a strong biostimulating and reactivating characteristicsparticularly suitable for the large muscle groups of the buttocks, thighs and waist. The bamboo massage is an ideal wellness massage for men (especially for sportsmen, thanks to the stimulation of the neuromuscular plaques which enhance its decontracting and invigorating characteristics) and for women (excellent in the presence of cellulite, both oedematous and fibrotic, because its draining and reactivating characteristics are enhanced). The lymph-draining effect is combined with the benefits of reflexology (a natural therapy whereby each organ has its corresponding point in other areas of the body which, when appropriately stimulated, act on the organ itself, prompting it to react with an automatic, involuntary response) by stimulating blood and lymphatic circulation.

Among the most frequently reported benefits is an immediate feeling of relaxation and general well-being. On a physical and aesthetic level, one finds oneself with decontracted muscles e reshaped body - result of the elimination of toxins and the regeneration of tissues through the action produced at the circulatory and lymphatic level - and a firmer skin is achieved, which is also due to the oils and elements contained in the products used.

At least 10-12 treatments are recommended to complete a regenerating course. To be carried out at least once a week and to be repeated cyclically, especially during the change of seasons, when the organism is more stressed and has more difficulty in reacting. There are no particular contraindications, excluding certain situations such as pregnancy or particular pathologies such as major cases of varicose veins.
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