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Bridal Makeup

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Are you getting married and need bridal make-up in Vercelli?

Find out how to be beautiful, perfect and unique for your wedding day thanks to the make-up of The Clump.

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The Wedding

On the day of wedding is for every woman a very special day.

The bride is the real star of the event.

Months of preparations to crown your dream of love and on that special day you will want to express all your charm, your natural beauty.

The Fashion and Beauty quiff in Vercelli dedicates special attention to bridal make-up Vercelli by periodically updating on bridal fashion trends.

Behind the enchanting beauty of the bride a whole team, a lot of love, thecontinuous innovationtrendy accessories and a lot of talent, which will make your unique and inimitable look.

It is in our Il Ciuffo Institute of Vercelli that we create and test bridal make-up and new treatments to make you radiant on your wedding day.

When we take care of our brides Il Ciuffo Fashion & Beauty is in turmoil.

Beauticians vercelli experts are at work to make, not pleasant, but unforgettable the time you choose to devote to your beauty.

Make-up Brides

Your look must be studied to the smallest detail, especially on your wedding day. 

A'perfect hairstyle as well as the right make-up are fundamental, not only becauseé will be the protagonists of many photographs, but also becauseé will have the'immense power to make you feel beautiful and confident.

Every woman wants to look beautiful on her wedding day and in addition to the dress and hair, make-up also wants its part.

Bridal make-up is crucial because lights and their reflection often highlight every small defect.

Rely on our beauty experts at the Il Ciuffo institute and we will be happy to accompany you on the important day of your life, your wedding.

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Your wedding make-up artist

Enhancing one's beauty on a special day like a wedding is essential.

That is why it is a good idea to turn to a top professional who can offer the best in bridal make-up Vercelli.

Iwedding day make-up must be studied in detail and customised based on the bride's style and character, all this without ever forgetting the elegance that must be the absolute star of any wedding.

Achieving quality make-upand even more so a bridal make-up, means first of all creating the right base, an element of primary importance for successful make-up.

This will structure the make-up, making it easier and smoother to complete the entire bridal make-up.

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Bridal make-up: a dream come true

When it comes to bridal make-up Vercellione thing must first be remembered: every bride-to-be's idea of the perfect make-up for her 'yes' day is very subjective.

For this reason, the make-up artist must be able to interpret his expectations and turn a beautiful dream into reality.

Bridal make-up is really a dream, a way to pamper oneself, to feel unique and beautiful on an unparalleled day, during which nothing must be left to chance.

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