Capillary implants Vercelli

Capillary implants in Vercelli. A innovative method by customised thickeningwith exceptional aesthetic performance.

No surgerynor wigs or toupees, in favour of a natural effect and maximum comfort.

Skin patch Vercelli Capillary implants Vercelli or skin patch

Capillary implants Vercelli: What is the capillary prosthesis or skin patch?

Many call the hair prosthesis with different terms, the most commonly used being skin patch or hair membrane, hair prosthesis, or even hair implantation, are all terms relating to hair implantology. They are non-invasive hair thickening methods.


Non-invasive hair thickening methods

Among the different methods to combat baldness, androgenetic alopecia, thinning and receding hairline, exist non-invasive solutions compared to surgical infusions.

La advanced capillary prosthesis, guarantees a natural, comfortable result and, above all, invisible to the human eye.

These are a semi-permanently fixed implantwith high-strength biocompatible substances, and is used for aesthetic problems, custom-made with innovative materials.

Skin patch Vercelli Capillary implants Vercelli or balding skin patch

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La capillary implant technique is produced by taking all the necessary dimensional parameters of the bald area and individual hairs are chosen with precise reference to the colour and texture of existing hairs.

The locks are implanted at certain angles to create a extremely natural pattern and non-invasive.

Our membranes are made exclusively from selected and treated human hairtailor-made for the areas concerned: there are no capillary installations with standard sizes.

Capillary implants Vercelli

Capillary implants Vercelli: The ideal solution when surgery is not possible

La Skin patch o Capillary implantsis the ideal solution when surgery is not possible for health reasons, in situations of advanced baldness or thinning and particularly extensive alopecia areata.

It is also indicated for those with large baldness and very sparse lateral and posterior regions, for anyone wanting a substantial' thickening, with high hair density, and for individuals with temporary alopecia.

Allows anyone to get their hair back gradually or immediatelyusing capillary systems with densities that increase from time to time, or by immediately wearing a system of the desired density from the first installationwith the integration of real hair completely identical to one's own.


The continuous search for new materials and taking advice from people who use prosthetic systems, made it possible to produce completely natural capillary prostheses.

Each individual hair, in fact, follows the natural direction of the hair with the impression that the hair is born directly from the scalp, while also maintaining volume, adheres to the scalp, has no thickness and is totally invisible.

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