Covid 19 reopening beauty centre Vercelli

21 May 2020 Covid 19 reopening beauty centre Vercelli il Ciuffo Fashion&Beauty

"Our mission has always been to take care of you".

We worked so that this would continue to be possible.

For years, we have been keen to express to our LOVED customers that our priority is your health.
For us, working and welcoming in a suitable, comfortable environment with strong hygiene and health guidelines is synonymous with GOOD SENSE and RESPECT FOR OTHERS.


Sterilisation with AUTOCLAVE

Our Institute has always made use of AUTOCLAVE (technology used in the medical field).

After a decontamination process, all working instruments are placed in AUTOCLAVE where sterilisation takes place at high temperatures (l00°C).

the forelock vercelli


We have always used 'FRESH LAUNDRY'.

relying on trusted laundries to sanitise and wash:

  • hand dryer
  • carpets
  • bathrobes
  • gowns
  • cut shawls
  • kimono
  • curtains, etc...

the forelock vercelli


All brushes are individually placed inside a machine to remove and separate hair and impurities from the bristles.

After the process, they are cleaned and sanitised with suitable products, dried and placed in germicidal containers.

the forelock vercelli


We have always used:

  • blades
  • pedicure abrasive caps
  • podo bags
  • sheets for body beds
  • flip-flops
  • headbands and headphones
  • spectacle covers
  • colouring capes
  • gloves
  • towels in the toilet
  • cutting paper
  • disposable wax paddles
  • eyeglass cleaning wipe

The aesthetic staff also always used masks and gloves to perform certain services, even with the use of protective goggles.

the forelock vercelli


Every day, the Institute is cleaned and disinfected by qualified personnel who take all existing hygienic and sanitary measures in full compliance with current regulations.

"We start again stronger than before."

Open from 21 May 2020 (reservation required)