Do you always want curled eyelashes? Try an eyelash perm!

Have you ever dreamed of having doe lashes without using curling mascara and eyelash curlers? It is possible with the permanent eyelash curlingIf you are curious, read on.

La eyelash perm is a beauty treatment which consists of two parts, bending and dyeing, which can be carried out individually or combined together. The very first thing to do for those who decide to undergo this treatment is an allergy test (usually carried out the day before on a small part of the elbow) to check for any allergies to the products that will be used.

The procedure is to apply some kind of curlers to the eyelashes and put them in the crease. These should be dry and clean. The curler has to be chosen according to the length of the eyelashes and, after applying it, it is attached to the upper eyelid by applying light pressure, the eyelashes are then attached with eyelash glue and the whole thing has to sit for about 20 minutes.

At the end of the treatment, other products are used to make the treatment last longer and curlers and excess glue are removed. Since the procedure can be slightly uncomfortable at the end, a soothing treatment is usually performed to alleviate any redness caused by the operation.

The permanent eyelash treatment lasts between 6 and 8 weeks but, depending on the natural cycle of the lashes, the duration may vary. The advice for those carrying out this treatment is to meticulously remove make-up every evening so that the crease lasts longer.