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Electrostimulation treatment in Vercelli?

Find out how slimming, firming and combating cellulite thanks to theelectrostimulation.

electrostimulation treatment in vercelli aesthetic wellness centre

Sculpt the body and improve elasticity with electrostimulation

The electrostimulation mechanism enables intensive passive muscle work, helps sculpt the body and improve skin elasticity.

Electrostimulation can be performed to tone the buttocks, arms, legs and hips by means of passive muscle stimulation.

Good for 'difficult' muscle areas, such as inner thighs, buttocks and arms.

Electrostimulation and Benefits

Electrostimulation treatment is used to lose weight, firm up and combat cellulite.

Muscle contraction promotes lipolysis (the process by which the body burns fat), tone and fluid drainage.

What is it?

Electrostimulation is that physiotherapeutic method involving the use of a device called an electrostimulator.

The electrostimulator is used to stimulate muscle contractions by means of electrical impulses.

This is possible, as electrodes applied to the body generate an electric field capable of reaching the motor plates and thus stimulating muscle contraction.


Electrostimulation can be used for different purposes, and its function can be directed towards a specific goal by varying the parameters of pulse type, frequency, duration, intensity and latency.

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