Laminating Eyelashes and Eyebrows Vercelli

 Eyelash and eyebrow rolling in Vercelli, Il Ciuffo Fashion & Beauty Centre

eyelash and eyebrow lamination in vercelli

Eyelash and eyebrow lamination treatment

A beauty and wellness treatment for the eye lashes that makes the eyes fascinating and magnetic even without make-up.

eyelash and eyebrow lamination vercelli il ciuffolaminazione ciglia e sopracciglia vercelli il ciuffo

Eyelash Laminating in Vercelli, thickness and volume without mascara

Enhancing lashes is an indispensable requirement for feeling confident, beautiful and fascinating.
It is a pity that having long, thick and curved eyelashes is not so easy, especially if nature has not given us 'flawless' eyelashes.
That is why there is the Eyelash lamination de Il Ciuffo Fashion&Beauty beauty centre in Vercellia true curative method that aims to enhance the natural beauty without resorting to false eyelashes or mascara.

Main benefits of Eyelash Laminating

- Curls, lengthens and lifts lashes
- Strengthens and cares for their structure, making them stronger and more full-bodied
- The effect you get is that of make-up with mascara but with a natural result
- Treatment application method is fast and safe
- Adaptable to any type of eyelash

rolling treatment in vercelli

The Eyelash Laminating Treatment that we perform in our Vercelli beauty centreIt gives beauty and well-being to the eye lashes and makes the eyes look fascinating and magnetic even without make-up.
It is aimed at curling, lengthening and lifting the lashes by strengthening them and taking care of their structure to make them stronger and fuller.

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