Fruit is good for your skin, find out how!

The fruit acidsa better known as alpha and beta hydroxy acids, are used in treatments for their exfoliating and antioxidant properties. They are present in large quantities in fruits such as apples and grapes, citrus fruits, nuts and sugar cane. These substances are particularly suitable for peeling or scrubs.

Fruit acids are particularly indicated for oily skin because they allow sebum to escape easily, thus preventing the formation of pimples and blackheads. Also the Dry skin can benefit from fruit acidsprovided, however, that the skin is well moisturised and a nourishing, oily fluid is applied after treatment.

As mentioned above, fruit acids are used in peelings and scrubs to promote cell turnover; this effect is achieved by removing dead cells from the epidermal surface. These acids succeed in loosening the bonds that bind dead cells to living cells, facilitating their removal.

There are various products on the market that contain fruit acids in different concentrations and, used daily, the first results can be appreciated after about a couple of weeks. At the end of this period, a professional peeling is recommended and then a return to the use of classic moisturising creams.

On initial application, fruit acid products may cause slight redness and burning, which generally disappears after a short time, but if they persist, the treatment should be discontinued. Before starting these treatments at home or in any beauty parlour, it is always a good idea to find out about the warnings and contraindications that these products can bring.