Hair colour trends 2018

Like every January, we take stock of what will be the hair trends of the year just begun.

As far as cuts are concerned, there are no upheavals or different trends from last year, the long oversize is back in fashion that has been seen recently on the catwalks, but, whatever the cut chosen, 'volume' is the rule.

As far as colours are concerned, natural colours are back, yes to brown hair in all its shades. Another trendy colour in 2018 is red, also in all shades, but the top colour for the season is definitely fire red.

Lastly, for those who love blond, this year's fashion is definitely approaching warm shades, just so as not to deviate from the other two colours but, for those who want to dare a different colour, a very light blond, bordering on white and with a very cool tone, is making its way.