Hair Rolling Treatment in Vercelli

Hair Rolling Treatment in Vercelli de Il Ciuffo Fashion & Beauty  for the beauty and care of all hair typescapable of bringing extreme brightness and shine to the hair.

 Our hairdressing salon in Vercelli is the first centre of excellence in Capillary lamination of vegetable origin.

hair lamination treatment vercelli

Vercelli hair lamination treatment: What it is and how lamination takes place

La hair lamination is a revolutionary treatment which acts on the outside of the hair.

The experts of the Il Ciuffo hair salon in Vercelli coat your hair with a thin layer of laminateconsisting mainly of active ingredients including gelatin, keratin and oils, to leave you with softer-touch hair and intensified shine.

The formula is applied when backwashing and then activated by the heat of a hair dryer or straightener after washing, forming a protective layer on each strand of hair, to close the cuticle scales and restoring protein which play an important role in the hair repair process.


hair lamination vercelli

Which hair types can benefit from the lamination treatment?

The main objective of hair lamination is protecting hair from moisture loss caused by sunlight, toxins and excessive washing.

These environmental factors can damage our hair and it is important to cleanse and moisturise the hair to reduce this damage and ensure healthy, shiny locks.

A remedy for dull, damaged and frizzy hairhair lamination locks water in the hair, leaving it until 8 times more hydrated and 5 times shinier.

How much does the hair lamination treatment cost?

the lamination treatment of Il Ciuffo Fashion&Beauty in Vercelli is priced from 60€... call us for more information...

Are there any contraindications to Hair Straightening?

Absolutely not, there are no contraindications. Lamination is a cosmetic treatment of natural origin and intensive hair reconstruction.

The Lamination Treatment è free of harmful substances such as ammonia, parabens, silicones and formaldehyde.

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