Kalahari ritual body spa treatment vercelli

Kalahari ritual body spa

tribal atmosphere, give your body new energy through the skilful hands of our body coaches,
the mind will regain serenity.
Indulge in the scents of the earth with an energising and moisturising treatment.
The Kalahari ritual products are suitable for dry and dehydrated skin.
They accompany your daily beauty routine, giving you smooth and polished skin. 
DESERT SHOWER OIL: cleanses the skin with a gentle, non-greasy touch, restores elasticity and radiance.
BAOBAB SCRUB: is a gentle exfoliant suitable even for sensitive skin, based on baobab seeds micronised at low temperature.
It ensures an exfoliating and purifying action for smooth skin from the first application.
FONDING BODY OIL: quickly absorbable, transparent texture and rich in properties.


Its composition is made up of micro oil droplets trapped in a net that releases them over time, nourishing any skin type for a long time.

Cost of treatment 75€ instead of 150€

treatment duration 90 min 

September-November Promotion

only for holders of experience card.