Permanent hair removal Vercelli

Aesthetic Centre for Permanent Laser Epilation Vercelli

Permanent hair removal treatment

Easy, fast and painless permanent laser hair removal


You are looking for a Permanent hair removal treatment in Vercelli?

Come and discover it at our Il Ciuffo Fashion & Beauty beauty centre in Vercelli.

The treatment diode laser is anext-generation epilationvery useful in that it breaks down and eliminates as many as 80% of the hair stock.

treatment is simple, quick and painless.

Il Ciuffo Beauty Centre Beauty Salon in Vercelli, performs laser hair removal treatments permanent hair for women and men by means of innovative and revolutionary laser systems that focus their action mainly on the hair and not on the surrounding tissues, thus stopping its growth.

Diode laser hair removal treatments performed in our Beauty Centre in Vercelli are safe and suitable for all skin phototypes.

Laser technology for all hair types.

Thanks to the new Diode Technology the permanent epilation Vercelli makes photo epilation treatments extremely reliable.

It can be performed on all parts of the body and face and is able to slow the growth of hair until it gradually disappears.

Any part of the body can be treated: arms, legs, armpits and groin where any type of skin and hair type is present, from the lightest Nordic skin to the darkest in colour.

The operation of Laser Diode Technology of epilation is based on the targeting of the laser light and its effectiveness.

THE treatment of permanent epilation  is to be repeated at intervals of between 4 and 6 weeks . Usually 6-8 sessions are required to achieve permanent hair removal.

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