Pressotherapy treatment and infrared mask

il ciuffo vercelli beauty centre pressotherapy infrared treatment

Do you know pressotherapy?

Pressotherapy is a treatment performed to remove the liquids stagnant.
Pressotherapy, in fact, is designed to improve the drainage lymphatic system and is practised in cases of water retention, cellulite and problems with the circulatory system.
At Beauty Centre The Ciuffo di Vercelli uses the latest generation of machinery combined with technologies such as the infrared led mask.

What is it for?

This treatment can produce improvements in cases of oedema, swelling, water retention and skin imperfections.
Choose the professional beauticians you can trust at Il Ciuffo, who are able to act with quality and professionalism, which is essential for taking care of your well-being.

How does it work?

Thanks to external pressure, the equipment used acts on the venous and lymphatic circulation in an attempt to make it more efficient.


During a pressotherapy session, the device performs a kind of massage mechanic.
Thanks to thedraining effect the treatment helps eliminate excess fluid and tone the tissues

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