The service we are proposing today is a therapeutic method of exerting compression on the upper and lower limbs, recalling the massage movement.
In our salon in Vercelli you can find this fantastic device that allows you to intermittently and sequentially inflate special accessories (applicators) that wrap around the parts of the body to be treated.
The purpose of pressure therapy is to promote fluid transport within the body, normalising the venous circulation, removing lymphatic stasis and thus attempting to prevent related pathologies.
Thanks to the action of this machine, a circulatory massage is simulated, allowing the draining of liquids stagnating inside the limb.

But let's see together what the main actions are
therapeutic areas in which it can be used:
- Lymphoedema
- Haematoma
- Post-mastectomy arm drainage
- Recovery of muscle tone in immobilised patients or
disabled (instead of massage)
- Treatment of haematoma after surgery
- Limb paralysis
- Post-phlebitis syndrome
- Venous insufficiency
- Post-thrombotic syndrome
- Venous stasis
- Anti-cellulite treatment in the initial phase
- Heavy legs
- Passive compression in venous pathologies
- Post-operative prophylaxis in venous thrombosis operations
- Diffuse chronic venous oedema
- Lipoedema
- Prevention of DVT
- Bedridden patients

If you want to try this fantastic treatment all you have to do is contact our beauty centre in Vercelli and ask for more information.
The 'Il Ciuffo Fashion And Beauty' Staff