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The radiofrequency treatment performed by the Beauty Centre Fashion&Beauty in Vercelli, does not involve the use of needles, anaesthesia, scalpels or drugs to be injected, but is performed using a special bipolar handpiece and a conductive cream.

Aesthetic radiofrequency:

Aesthetic capacitive resistive mono/bi polar radiofrequency is a non-invasive and painless method capable of slowing down and combating the signs of ageing on the face and body.

In addition to skin laxity, it is recommended in cases of flabby cellulite, localised fat and in the presence of scars, stretch marks or acne lesions.

It is suitable for delivering treatments such as revitalising, detoxifying, toning, slimming and anti-cellulite.

It is a technology that generates an electromagnetic field through the handpiece causing an increase in the temperature of the dermis, activating skin regeneration processes.

The bio-physical effect is in fact based on the conversion of electrical energy into heat, and heating occurs by molecular oscillation due to a rotational displacement of intracephalic electrolytes.

What is Radiofrequency and what is it used for?

The radiofrequency treatment generates a pleasant sensation of beneficial heat that improves the tissue texture of the skin with a powerful anti-ageing and toning effect for the entire body.

This treatment is also indicated for restoring muscle tone, allowing better oxygenation of the tissues and an overall improvement in lymphatic circulation.

It is a revolutionary system because it applies non-invasive technology to visibly compact, firm and tone tissues.

Aesthetic treatment with radiofrequency exploits the principle of heat transfer, during treatment the electromagnetic wave develops heat that is transferred to the deep layers causing denaturation and contraction of the collagen fibres in the connective tissue: the result of this movement is a stretching, toning and cohesion effect.

It stimulates fibroblasts to produce new collagen. In the face it is indicated in cases of wrinkles, lifting, anti-ageing, scars and acne lesions.

For the body it is indicated for toning, Genuine and water retention, localised fat and stretch marks.

radiofrequency treatment vercelli il ciuffo vercelli beauty centre

How is Radiofrequency performed?

The treatment is very simple, once the radiofrequency has been set according to the imperfection to be treated and the area, a special handpiece will simply be passed over the face or body previously sprinkled with a special cream gel.

All with methods established by Il Ciuffo Fashion & Beauty rigorously tested to maximise the result.

Practical information:

It is a perfect technology for both face and body, in fact it can treat both very well.

It can treat various types of blemishes and has a work cycle of 30 to 60 minutes.

One to two sessions per week may be carried out, depending on the programme.

It combines well with cosmetic lines and with pressotherapy and other technologies to enhance the results.


radiofrequency vercelli il ciuffo vercelli beauty centre

What results can we expect from radiofrequency?

The results are visible immediately from the first session and with one course of treatments they improve and become stable.

The treated skin will be firmer and rejuvenated, and the improvements will be visible to the naked eye. in to date the best weapon in cases where there is a need to tone, firm and have a powerful anti-ageing effect.

Radiofrequency applied to the face and body:

Modular 1.9 radiofrequency is one of the most modern techniques that can be used in the treatment of anti-ageing and sagging skin.

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