The sun, our hair and our skin. Let's not make mistakes!

Not for all holidays are already finished, indeed some have yet to leave.
So since so many have asked me for it, I leave you with some fundamentals tips not to make mistakes and to enjoy your healthy relax safely and effectively.
Probably if our hair had a choice, it would not go to the sea, but away from the sunshine. They would avoid the stress wind, salt and sea water. But there are valid remedies to ensure that the sun does not become the worst enemy of our skin and hair.
You just need to pay a little attention and follow a few tricks.

Ideally, we should start with the tips not too damaged and with the leather already purified and hydrated.
So I recommend making a cut to lighten the hair and keep it tidy, and a gentle scrub to cleanse the whole body of dead cells.
When we are at the beach, let us remember protect all areas of the body.
We often forget to spread the cream on the feet, behind the knees, on the hands or in areas somewhat uncomfortable to reach by oneself.
And then we also protect the hair with specific products based on oil jojoba and linseed.
Another frequent mistake is to protect yourself once you get to the beach, in reality this passage must be done even before we leave the 'house' and therefore long before we lie down under the umbrella.
We can make one shampoo every day but always using a mask or a balsam suitable for moisturising and if we are in a hurry we can also not dry our hair and perhaps comb it backwards, fixing it with oil or gel to recall the 80s style.
Back in town we treat our hair with wrapsa cut to the tips and if necessary give the colour which is likely to be slightly faded.
The same applies to the leathercontinue to moisturise it and use specific products if we want thetan do not abandon us too soon.