The trend colours of summer 2018

Summer is here and it is time to think about your look, whether you are staying in town or enjoying a well-deserved holiday in more exotic destinations. The inspirations for the new colours come from precious stones, the summer sky, fabrics such as jeans and finally flowers and fruits, in short a kind of new make-up to show off on your hair even if only for one day. One thing is certain, the catchphrase of the summer will be coloured hair. We have already talked about pink, but very fashionable are the rainbow and blue shades.

Let's see together what are the most fashionable colours in these warm months:

- Icyblonde: very light blond with a hint of beige

- Blorange: A mixture of strawberry blonde and orange

- Tygereye: warm brown with caramel and bronze highlights

- Candyhair: Blonde with shades in all pastel nuances

- Pink & Lavenderhair: From pink to lavender to violet, even in small locks

Certainly the younger generation is attracted by these bright colours, but many women who want to show their personality can also dare with a particular look. Come and see me in the salon and we will study together the one that best suits each of you.