Vacuum therapy against cellulite imperfections

La vacuum therapy o endodermic massage is a weapon against cellulite that comes from afar; effective, painless and without contraindications, but with results worthy of the plastic surgeon.

Today the hated blemishwhich afflicts eight out of ten women at all ages, can be counteracted by putting it under vacuum.

Vacuum therapy, originated in Denmark on a Swedish patent, uses the vacuum effect to improve microcirculation of the tissues. The method on which it is based derives from an ancient tradition of oriental origin: glass or plastic cups are applied to the affected areas and a vacuum is created inside them.
This creates a suction effect that generates a greater blood flow in the area, stimulating circulation and oxygenation and speeding up the exchange of substances and theelimination of toxins.

It is a simple and safe mechanism with no contraindications, but with visible results: That is why the vacuum therapy is successful especially among women who want to get rid of swollen legs and cellulite - both related to circulation problems.