Hair check-up Vercelli

Hair control at Il Ciuffo Vercelli Aesthetic Centre

Hair check-up in Vercelli with Smart Cam technology

information on scalp and hair characteristics


Want to know the state of your hair? Have a Hair Check-up in Vercelli.

The Hair Check-up provides information on the characteristics of your scalp and hair.

This will make it possible to detect any problems present and define the best strategy for the well-being of the scalp and hair.

The checkup is carried out using a high-resolution camera and UV light and a visual examination.

The checkup analyses the type of scalp, the type of sebum and dandruff, the hair shaft, classifies the type of thinning and the health of the bulb.

Il Ciuffo Beauty Centre Beauty Salon in Vercelli, performs specific hair treatments for women and men through innovative and revolutionary technologies.

The hair treatments performed in our Beauty Centre in Vercelli, from experienced hairdressers are safe and suitable for all hair types.

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