Feeling of well-being with the 4-hand massage

The 4-hand massage is a special treatment involving the harmonised manual skills of two practitioners who create a relaxing and continuous rhythmic flow.

It decontracts the muscles of the whole body, loosens jointshelps the circulation and flow of thevital energyleaving a profound feeling of tone and relaxation. This treatment eliminates tensions also thanks to the aroma of the oils that give a profound feeling of well-being and relaxation.

The 4-hand massage derives from oriental massage techniques, although as it has spread, it has been enriched with specific features specific to the place where it is performed. During the treatment, water may be used that is aromatised with essences that act on the patient as needed, or oils that help achieve profound benefits.

The various massage techniques include:

  • Touching, i.e. sliding the palm or fingertip across the skin; this activates the venous return to the heart
    - Percussion, a sequence of blows given with the palm or closed fist; induces a stimulating and invigorating effect
    - Kneading, i.e. the lifting of the skin performed by pinching and twisting
    - Friction, which consists of pressure to be combined with circular movements or different
    - Pressure, i.e. compressing the skin with the palm by performing a continuous, gentle movement, this is useful for eliminating muscle contractures (cramps)
    - Vibration, i.e. pressure combined with an oscillating movement; produces a stimulating effect.